The Pen15 Club is 2 lady architects who met while attending school in New Orleans. We've created the Pen15 Coloring Book, greeting cards, and koozies because we think the world has been waiting for a beautiful piece of literary art that is also full of dicks!

The Pen15 Club, LLC is committed to building a brand that promotes sexual health and well-being, fights stigma, and creates fun, cheeky, and - most importantly - high-quality products.

We originally started on Indiegogo, where over 200 contributors rocked our world and we were able to order a large printing of books. Thank you for checking out our glorious work of phallic art!

Who We Are

We believe in fighting stigma around the human body, sexuality, and sexual health.

We choose to do this through...

1: Putting dicks and vulvas all over everything.

2: Supporting SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the US) and their fight for

Comprehensive Sex Ed. We're proud to donate 10% of our profit to SIECUS.

3: Donating 50% of all sales from our Etsy PDF downloads to the National Latina Institute for Reproductive HealthThis includes the Trumped Up Dick PDF (available 24/7/365) and our seasonal/holiday PDFs.

We support open discussion, love in all forms, badass feminists, getting outside of your comfort zone, and fun times.

We oppose hatred, racism, and sexism (and politicians who enable these ideas).


3022 Toulouse St, New Orleans, LA 70119